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ZTE Zmax Pro Google Assistance Update & Tutorial!!!

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19 Responses so far.

  1. Ed Salas says:

    this a great phone I had that old and it was a best to

  2. Nunya Business says:

    I don't understand this update or this video since we've been able to use these features for years now

  3. Matthew Rage says:

    The WiFi on this phone sucks…

  4. Mik lalo says:

    just got this yesterday I wish I could Root this phone to ADD more features.

  5. Shaswat Sharma says:

    whats the intro song

  6. Jada Saintvil says:

    I just can't wait for them to change the emojis because the emojis we have now I don't like it

  7. Jacob Owens says:

    he lost some subs

  8. Luz Mcdougall says:

    i dont have the application how can i put the application

  9. Titus Shannon says:

    hey do you turn off your data maximizer? on MetroPCS

  10. FizzyElf000 says:

    What's so funny about this is that whenever you said "ok google" my phone said "what can I do for you"…. Made my day

  11. Jebron Fletcher says:

    Which is the better device the Lg stylo 2 plus or Zte max pro

  12. Young Keem says:

    I got my phone yesterday idk when I hold my home button it's don't come up to that

  13. notthatgamer says:

    so will we get 7.0?

  14. Aaron Gines says:

    Thank you for all the information regarding The ZTE MAX PRO……Looking forward to watching more videos. I have a question….I currently do not own a fire stick but is there an app or any way to have that same type of programming on my phone?

  15. shawtyblackatl says:

    I still don't have it on my Pro

  16. Al Abama says:

    Question – Tried OK GOOGLE while locked and nothing happened? Any suggestions? I even retrained the voice. It won't work from locked phone. But if I turn the phone on to the lock screen and say OK GOOGLE it will then unlock? Minor annoyance – just have to turn the phone on each time before I say OK GOOGLE. Any suggestions to get it to work without first turning the phone on? Thanks

  17. Al Abama says:

    Very good video. Assistant was on my phone and I didn't even know it! Thanks for showing me "how to". Please keep posting! Thanks!!

  18. AJMakesVids says:

    Great vid