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Full review & ratings: http://goo.gl/LxM5SC

ZTE’s past roots are firmly at the entry-level and the ZTE ZMax Pro is one of these offering a great package at a budget-friendly 0. Here’s our hands on.

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10 Responses so far.

  1. Ibtissam El Ahdi says:

    هل غير متوفر في الأسواق المغربية؟

  2. Ali Khan says:

    I want this mobile in Pakistan,,,
    Who can send me,,??
    Plzzz,,.I will pay

  3. Kevin Thach says:

    where can u get this on T-Mobile carrier?

  4. Deejay Thomas says:

    Y'all at zte really wow so so wack

  5. TheMostBenevolentKing says:

    Only through Metro PCS?

  6. Anthony Raskin says:

    I miss my zmax pro

  7. jl says:

    where did you purchase it at

  8. Alton Kilbourne says:

    i have this phone i got it for free from a family member she cracked her screen real bad i replaced the screen and had no problems with the phone it's fast and got all the updates for the phone activated with metro pcs then got insurance for it hope android 7.0 come to this phone it will a great phone.

  9. Kayrokk says:

    I just bought one a couple days ago, I gotta say I like it for what it is. I also have an iPhone 7, have had it's predecessors and have had many other Androids such as the Note 5, Galaxy s7, HTC M8 & A9, et cetera. This phone is damn near as good as any of those and they all cost several times what this one does. This is an incredible phone for $100, although I caught the port in deal and got mine for free. The screen isn't the brightest but it's clear and nice to watch videos on, the USB Type-C port and fast charging capability is awesome too. It even sounds good and loud with my Plantronics Bluetooth headphones.

  10. King Bugz says:

    What the hell, when ever I look up this phone it's always priced at $250+ !!!!!! 😤😡