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Unlocked my ZTE ZMAX PRO couple weeks ago, but not receiving updates and not receiving all text message replies. Leave a comment if you are having same issues after unlocking the phone

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19 Responses so far.

  1. Katie Bennett says:

    So I have the version 0B21 and my phone is not receiving text messages for over a week now for some reason

  2. Moments & Memories says:

    Getting the same issue

  3. Ashley Myers says:

    my phone has trouble receiving my text also I only had this phone for three months and I sometimes get my text and sometimes I dont

  4. Susan Fouts says:

    my ZTE is already out of memory and I only had the phone for 3 weeks😣

  5. Matt Killer says:


  6. Brittany Hunter says:

    does anyone else have problems sending or receiving picture messages mine comes up network is not available sending failed will auto retry I have the metro pcs ZTE zmax pro any tips on how to fix that

  7. Fayaz Yusuf says:

    I've got the z7 max and all third party apps I don't receive any notification at all from them until I go into the app. At this point I miss important work messages on WhatsApp etc. Any fixes for this ? Please and thank you 😊

  8. Deanna C says:

    I have T-Mobile and I just got my phone brand new a week ago or so and I have the same thing showing for update I don't have B-12. I used to have an I phone before and I switch to this phone. I notice I don't receive some people's texts, but they get mine, it seems only for iPhone users this happens. how can I fix?

  9. shay shay says:

    mines be doing that

  10. Noel Rios says:

    my phone doesn't charge just stays on the same percentage zte max pro

  11. tim denson says:

    I do it want let u receive messages

  12. Jessica Wheeler says:

    me too I just try it won't let me

  13. you tube 425 says:

    I get the same readings as you current version z981v1.1.0.0808 ( the version is up to date. I purchased my phone from metro pcs on Jan 4,2017, I heard that we will be getting an update in a couple of months. my phone was brand new when I purchased it at metro pcs so it's not just your phone, I guess we will have to wait for a coupke of months to see if we get an update.

  14. Shaun Brening says:

    I've had my phone for about two weeks, and I don't have an update option either, and I'm with Metro PCS.

  15. Frank Conte says:

    My Metro zmax pro (is locked, purchased in Dec.) but it has the same (fails to update) problem. Have you heard anything from ZTE as to when they will resolve this issue?

  16. RyzTony says:

    it doesn't allow me niether and I'm in metro pcs

  17. Goo Gobbs says:

    How about "Spell Check"?  mine doesn't have it?  This phone doesn't have a automatic spell Check?

  18. Daniel addesso says:

    having the same issues but my phone is not unlocked

  19. badboysilva says:

    Got mine unlocked with cricket no update yet