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ZTE ZMax Pro Root

Posted on May/9/2018 | Categories: Videos 11 Comments

Huge shoutout to Fidounlocks
He helped me through this entire process.

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11 Responses so far.

  1. Kennedy Lexter says:

    root service at http://www.fidounlocks.com its 10$

  2. Chris Roper says:

    Explain how?

  3. King Last says:

    .—————-. Dam no pc no nth except dis zte…

  4. Mister Perez says:

    I tried it all and there's a wall at every turn.

  5. Wander Amauris Castillo Lebrom says:


  6. Wander Amauris Castillo Lebrom says:

    as un tutorial asiendo todo paso a paso

  7. Wander Amauris Castillo Lebrom says:

    as a tutorial on how to do it

  8. Dayon McCray says:

    i really want to root my zte zmax pro but all the other roots are free but this is alot of money. i just want to be rooted for free. Can someone post this on kingroot or something???

  9. The Wolf Modder says:

    This is not how to root a ZTE ZMax pro

  10. Mario jara says:

    how this works?

  11. Thomas Hernandez says:

    OK thanks bro