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Zte zmax pro unboxing

Posted on October/23/2018 | Categories: Videos 11 Comments


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11 Responses so far.

  1. Gary VLOGS And Films says:

    I have one

  2. Vanlal Dawnga says:


  3. yánnà pláys roblox says:

    Same my iPhone 5 broke so now I am stuck with a Android (lg Stylo) I am so freaking mad rn🙄 but it's whatever

  4. XavierGaming TV says:

    Hey this me go subscribe to new account look at my vids and you can tell its me 😜

  5. King Lamar says:

    Your annoying

  6. The rapleys says:

    I got zte max pro

  7. XavierGaming TV says:

    Hey Guys This Is Me The One Recording The Video This Is My New Channel On My Account to subscribe you can check my vids and please sub and like thxx

  8. Alexis Jones says:

    I'm getting a iPhone 7s plus

  9. Aleezay says:

    I got my zte 4 days after him for my 12th b-day even tho it was on August 2nd and I paid 163$ but it was totally worth it and watching movies on here is like damn.. since it's 6inch AND full HD

  10. Hikieem T. Carlton says:

    How old is he


    Love ur locks screen wallpaper