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ZTE ZMax Pro Unicorn Beetle Case??

Posted on October/18/2016 | Categories: Videos 15 Comments

Amazon US – https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01I7NR44G/

ZTE ZMax Pro Unicorn Beetle Case??

#ZTE #ZTEMaxPro #UnicornBeetle #Supcase

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15 Responses so far.

  1. kino's way says:

    I wish it had designs rather than solid colors ..that's my only issue

  2. Marcus Cotto says:

    will the Zte max pro ever get root

  3. Bill L (MetroPCS) says:

    Out of curiosity, at this point how many ZMAX Pros do you have? And cases?

  4. Adjente Burgess says:

    it looks like an lg case though

  5. Marco Diaz says:

    the extra part is a space for flash on other model

  6. Justme23 Love says:

    Can't wait to get mine tomorrow

  7. Robert Jorden says:

    very intuitive bro got right to it & done used it on all my Android devices

  8. Eshanka Lakshan says:

    hey i live in pakistan. so is it possible to order it here?

  9. Robert Jorden says:

    thx j will I just subscribed to it channel

  10. Robert Jorden says:

    j. Williams I don't have the developer mode on my zte zmax pro how do I get it

  11. elijah ford says:

    Metro PCS has cases for it. I've gotta get one myself.

  12. CasaDeOrtiz Dragons says:

    I just peeled that clear screen protector right off the front and used it with my glass screen protector.. Gucci!.

  13. Will H. Tech Review says:

    my type of case, nice video

  14. Warrior Class says:

    I ordered this case. How is yours doing? The reason why I am asking is because I don't see this case on your phone in any other video.

  15. Kerri Fisher says:

    I have the note 5… with sprint and I can't wait to go with metro pc and get this phone!! awesome deals!!!!👍👍awesome plans…