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ZTE Zmax Pro *Update*

Posted on April/8/2018 | Categories: Videos 15 Comments

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15 Responses so far.

  1. TechCentre says:

    Yo I just found the BEST FREAKING FINDS  at best buy EVER!!!!!!!

  2. glues4wood says:

    Bad LCD screen but still works so don't replace it

  3. H and K playz says:

    Please post I miss u

  4. phone maniac says:

    The ZTE whatever the heck

  5. phone maniac says:

    I got that same phone

  6. can i get 1000 sub before 2019 says:

    Where did u get that phone from?

  7. TechCentre says:

    Know how to jailbreak iOS 8.1.3?

  8. oPraxy says:

    I'm watching on the Blade

  9. Arianah Harvey says:


  10. Slumped YT says:

    Well If you change your mind let me know I know I shouldn’t put my phone number on the internet but let’s talk about stuff 6822271138

  11. Slumped YT says:

    Would you sell me this ? 45$

  12. TechnoMemeYT says:

    Thats what i did with the iphone 5 and 4 when i jailbroke the 5. I made them exactly the same. And i like both video styles

  13. TechnoMemeYT says:

    Yay it works!

  14. Nyanko says:

    Watching this on the newer version

  15. Cool Whip says: