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I this video i will show how to take apart the zte zmax pro z981 and learn how to replace some of the components .

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13 Responses so far.

  1. Ignacio Martinez says:

    Hey so my zte overheats what is the problem ?

  2. Jorge Carmona says:

    I changed the battery, everything works but now I don't have any sound, on the headset it works, but on the speaker nothing, what is the fix for this

  3. izzynutz2000 says:

    Let me ask you my phone has the problem of not holding a charge I can put it on the charger it will charge to 100% But as soon as I unplug it within three minutes the phone goes dead is there anything that I can do without taking the phone apart to fix this problem or do I have to replace the battery any help would be greatly appreciated thank you

  4. Lazaro Monteagudo says:

    Great Video

  5. Matthew Vlogs says:

    Where did you but the screen with the frame

  6. Joe Coon says:

    Thank you Jose, there is many people that learn from your very well done videos!

  7. Wences Jimenez says:

    Hi dear my fhone fall in water turn on but with black screen what can I do or replace to fix thanks

  8. Tricia Hampton says:

    My husband has the same phone but it doesn't take a charge anymore it's so dead we can't even get it to turn on I want to replace the battery port itself how do I order that is there anyway you could possibly email me or even Facebook, Facebook Messenger, or even Instagram, whichever you're more comfortable with its just I know I'll for sure see the message through Facebook or email. I'm worried if you comment back on here I won't see it that's the reason why I asked you to get a hold of me through email or Facebook. So I can figure out where I can order the part or parts from???
    My email is:
    And my Facebook Name is:
    Tricia Elizabeth
    You can also find my Facebook with either the email above or:
    My Instagram is:

  9. Jordan Boehme says:

    Hm I'm wanting to remove the battery and replace it. Do I have to remove the motherboard and all like in the video? Or is there a way to just remove the back and then just the battery?

  10. QUEET C says:

    Awesome video Thanks

  11. Augustin Souffrant says:

    Where can I buy the tools?

  12. TATAROSE G says:

    Mr. Morales, you are very good doing it. I am very nervous, I can not charge mine by myself. if you can change mine or tell me where I can send it. Thanks

  13. TATAROSE G says:

    wow, you are good. can I send you mine?