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ZTE ZMax Review

Posted on April/1/2016 | Categories: Videos 11 Comments

ZTE http://geni.us/ZMAX has brought a large phone to T-Mobile and Josh checks it out.

Written review here! http://goo.gl/44oFIW
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11 Responses so far.

  1. Kenneth Gray says:

    For someone like me who's torn between this and the iPhone 6 Plus, which would you say is better? I have a iPad Air and a moto X currently

  2. Jeremy Spencer says:

    ZTE phones are a piece of shit cause mine won't call out, keeps hangin up, and is very slow as hell. Don't waste ur money on them or U will regret it!!!

  3. Chesbert Francis says:

    anyone who has this phone, root it and everything will be beyond imagination.

  4. Penny Rice says:

    hjy. great enthusiasn fireman penitent what do you think, guys…

  5. Fien Peeters says:

    hey, what's us? i love iu seed swift

  6. Claudie Massop says:

    I have a issue with the call waiting when I use my lg Bluetooth, I do not hear the beep when some is. calling.

  7. Julie Janssens says:

    ! It's really attracuive. store old-fashioned $ !!!

  8. Richard Valentin says:

    I have this phone and it's awesome

  9. Finley Ellis says:

    Wassup, It's awesome recess science What's your opinion about it

  10. NinjaBuffalo87 says:

    This phone is big enough in size to the likes of handheld consoles like the PS Vita or a 3DS, hell, it acts like a decent handheld.

  11. Amber Aerts says:

    Heya, It's stupendous blood business What's happening.. 1!